Innovation & Value Engineering

VTech was established and continues as an innovative, technology driven company. We differentiate ourselves by providing superior technical support to our customers.

VTech is a one-stop-shop solution provider delivering technical support from initial product development to mass production.

By applying Lean Process concept, our engineering and design teams excel at offering a range of value-added services:

Product Design Support

Offer engineering design support on the periphery of our client's product, which let our clients concentrate more on their core design development in their area of expertise.

Automated Testing Solutions

Support to provide automated testing solutions which help to increase of the customer's product quality and its manufacturing efficiency.

New Product Introduction (NPI)

VTech offers full turn key NPI services to support our clients from idea to marketable product.


l   First DFX review of design

l   PCB DFM review result suggestion

l   Mechanical 3D DFM review result and suggestion


Prototype Build

l   Verify design concept & find out major issue on design solution

l   DFX Review

l   BOM creation & alternative suggestion

l   Product validation, reliability test plan

l   DFX suggestion found from prototype built

l   BOM

l   Alternative component suggestions

l   Custom part status report

l   PCB drawings

l   Custom part, assembly drawings

l   Reliability & environmental, product validation test plan


Working Sample (Alpha / Beta) Build

l   Manufacturing document generation

l   Production testing preparation

l   Product validation, reliability test

l   DFX Review

l   Production Testing specification

l   Production Testing program/procedure

l   Reliability & environmental, validation test reports

l   IE manufacturing process flow chart

l   Quality control plan

l   Working sample build report

l   DFX suggestions found from working sample build


Pilot Run

l   Verify setup for mass production

l   Run a large quantity to ensure the production

l   Reliability & environmental test, validation reports

l   Pilot Run report



Design for Excellence (DFX)

With our best manufacturing knowledge and experience, VTech's engineering team provides professional advice to our clients in early design stage, to make sure the customer product launch to the mass production without technical barrier.